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Global Business and Trade Opportunities is a leading B2B ecommerce marketplace portal, a marketplace for business, trade and opportunities, and the leading provider of online marketing services for manufacturers, importers, exporters and service providers. The portal focuses on helping SMEs and large corporate find business opportunities, grow their business, do business right and promote their businesses locally, regionally and globally through the Dobizness global B2B platform.

Dobizness.Com marketplace portal connects manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, service providers and professionals and thus enabling them to do more business. The portal further creates and expand markets, clients and businesses for every business. seeks to become the business development partner to businesses helping them to do business right with global opportunities and more convenience.

The aim of Dobizness.Com is to act as the trusted extension of its clients' business development departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on their' business objectives. Dobizness strives to develop an integrated  superior b2b marketplace portal for businesses through state-of-the-art ecommerce technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships for suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, exporters, importers and service providers. The mission of Dobizness.Com begins when it is able to help businesses listed on the portal acquire markets, clients, businesses and grow.

Are you a manufacturer, producer, merchant, importer, exporter, trader, distributor, dealer, service provider, consultant or broker? Dobizness B2B Portal provides with you a sure route to the global marketplace with convenience and reater opportunities.

Log in, list your business and start doing business globally.






Dobizness.Com is a global b2b marketplace and operates across countries. We are an international platform for global wholesale trade. We serve multitudes of manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and buyers from around the world.

Dobizness.Com is the largest African based International Electronics Marketplace for both exporting and importing countries. It connects businesses with global wholesellers, manufacturers, importers & exporters, buyers and distributors in all countries, quickly and cost effectively.  

Our goal is to help businesses find new business partners globally and exchange business deals in a dynamic and profitable online environment.  

Address  1517 Ogudu Road, ojota, Lagos State, Nigeria 

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